Furnace Replacement Services in Englewood, CO

During the summer months, many families will be occupied more with staying cool than preparing for the upcoming winter months. When winter rolls around, these families will be ill-prepared without a reliable furnace system to keep them warm from the dropping temperatures. Hiring a reliable and certified technician to handle repairs and replacement is necessary to ensure a home is ready for winter.

It’s easy to find a heating and cooling contractor that’s both certified and insured to perform the necessary work. No contractor will enter a home to do a job without being insured to protect both their company and the homeowners. Always ensure the Heating Services contractor hired has insurance, experience with the job, and will offer an estimate before performing any work.

When to Service, Repair, or Replace a Furnace

While many homeowners keep busy schedules due to work and family, there is always a time to schedule routine maintenance for any appliance in the home. Appliances are significant investments, especially where an HVAC, furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or other large appliance for home comfort are involved. Knowing the condition of a home’s appliances is essential for spotting problems before they become overly expensive to repair. Neglecting an appliance in a house just because it’s still functioning is a bad habit.

Homeowners should always be mindful of how well an appliance works when the machine produces warm or cool air to keep the house comfortable. It’s the same for the water heater that provides hot water throughout the home. Always check the appliance for symptoms that could signal a problem has started.

Some common furnace-related symptoms will include:

  • Significant lack of warm air from the unit
  • Spike in energy consumption/cost
  • Lack of airflow through ducts
  • Odd sounds or smells from the furnace or vents
  • Discolored pilot flame (yellow or flickering flames)
  • Increase in frequency of breakdowns
  • Cycling on and off at random
  • Uneven heating throughout the home

If a homeowner notices any of these symptoms in their furnace, they should call a certified technician immediately to avoid costly replacement fees later.

Replacing a Furnace

Unfortunately, some furnaces will need replacing regardless of how often they are serviced or repaired. When a homeowner has to invest in a replacement furnace, they should get multiple estimates from contractors to narrow down costs and timing. A reliable contractor can inspect the current system and determine the best replacement options available to the homeowner.

There are various benefits to replacing an old furnace with a new system. The following is a short list of some of the most beneficial ones.

  • Increased comfort in the house
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Improved air quality indoors
  • Decreased electricity bills
  • Reduction in repairs and costs
  • Improved energy efficiency

Servicing a unit can help prolong its lifespan and help improve some functions, but an entire replacement of an aging furnace is the best option for a homeowner. Aging units only get worse as time marches on, causing higher energy bills and reduced comfort as they do.

Average Furnace Replacement Costs

Various factors can affect a homeowner’s decision to replace a broken, aging, or outdated furnace. The cost will be the most significant factor to keep in mind. The price of Furnace Replacement Services will include the labor of the technician, their fees, and the cost of the furnace unit itself.

While this may be a significant deterrent in some cases, the initial replacement costs far outweigh the future repair and service costs homeowners could be paying. On average, a replacement furnace could cost around $6,000 to $7,000 without labor or installation fees. Replacing a furnace can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $12,000, but it will depend on the contractor and the model of the furnace used.

To reduce the potential costs of any work performed on a house’s furnace, including replacement, having a contractor perform the work during the summer months can help. Many contractors will run sales throughout the summer that offer reduced costs for furnace repairs to prepare for winter.

Stay Warmer This Winter

With summer temperatures being their main priority, homeowners should still take the time to prepare their heating systems for winter. A quick call to a certified technician could be the difference between needing simple repairs and outright furnace replacement. Call experts who can help you quickly and affordably, like Cronen Plumbing & Heating Inc. We have over 30 years of experience with heating, cooling, and plumbing services that can help you stay warm. Don’t be cold this winter. Get the help you need to stay warm.