Toilet Repair Services in Englewood, CO

Dealing with toilet problems is stressful for homeowners. When a toilet breaks down, frustration sets in quickly. Homeowners who discover they have a toilet issue need to rely on Plumbing Services to take care of the repairs and get the toilet working again.

What Causes a Clogged Toilet?

Clogs are the most common reason homeowners call a plumber. When toilets clog, there are typically two common reasons. Understanding these reasons will help homeowners protect their toilet function to avoid problems from developing.

Simple Clogs

Simple clogs occur when flushing paper items like sanitary napkins, diapers, or paper towels. A clog may also develop because of using too much toilet paper. Children are one of the primary culprits of simple clogs because they are still learning how to use a toilet and may not understand how much toilet paper is appropriate. Guiding children on how to use a toilet and how much paper to use is vital.

Foreign Object Clogs

This type of clog is also often caused by children. Foreign object clogs may also be caused by items falling into the toilet. Parents should always supervise children in the bathroom. Toilet locks are ideal for younger children. Keeping the lid shut on the toilet prevents items from falling into the toilet and being flushed accidentally.

Common Toilet Problems

Toilets may seem simple, but they are more complex than many people realize. Outside of clogs, the following are some typical issues that may arise. When toilet problems occur in a home, calling for Plumbing Services becomes essential.

  • Leaks will occur inside and outside a toilet. Outside toilet leaks are especially troublesome because they can cause water damage. The most common reason for inner bowl leaks is a malfunctioning flapper not making contact.
  • Cracked toilet bowls are not common, but can happen. Cracks occur because of age, improper support, and abuse. A cracked toilet bowl needs to be replaced by a plumber because leaks will ensue.
  • Another common problem with toilets is sluggish flushing. If the toilet needs to be flushed multiple times before its contents are removed, there is an issue with the function that needs addressing by a plumber.
  • Toilets that rock back and forth need correction immediately. Sometimes, this problem occurs because of a worn wax seal. Toilets may also rock because the floor becomes uneven. A plumber will check the toilet and ensure they seat it correctly.
  • A toilet may begin to refill itself if there is a problem with its function. This issue most often occurs because of failing internal parts in the tank. Calling a plumber to check these parts will ensure everything is functioning normally.

Toilet issues can occur without warning. Although a toilet is meant to last up to fifty years, it may need to be replaced well before its anticipated lifespan is over. Toilet issues are stressful, but most repair issues are straightforward and repaired efficiently by plumbers.

Do Not Attempt a DIY Approach

Homeowners should never attempt a DIY approach to toilet repairs. Calling professional plumbers for Toilet Repair Services will ensure the toilet receives the attention it needs. The plumber will investigate the problem and diagnose it carefully.

Once the plumber finds the problem, they will inform the homeowner right away and provide information on the cost of repair. Plumbing technicians come equipped with trucks loaded with the tools, equipment, and parts for most repair jobs. Only rarely will a homeowner have to wait for parts to be ordered.

When homeowners attempt a DIY approach to toilet repair, they often regret the decision quickly. Homeowners often make the problem worse because they try improper methods of repair. Some of these DIY approaches cause more damage to the toilet and home.

Call a Plumber Today

When toilet issues occur, calling a plumber right away is crucial. A plumber has gone through extensive training to take care of all types of plumbing repair issues. Prompt repairs will keep a toilet operating properly. Waiting too long to call a plumber may lead to the problem worsening or becoming more expensive to repair.

Plumbers may offer same-day appointments or emergency hours for toilet repair concerns. These professionals provide the toilet services homeowners need for normal toilet function.

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