Faucet Replacement Services in Englewood, CO

There are plenty of reasons to replace faucets. Sometimes, homeowners want new faucets because their old ones are damaged. In other cases, they just feel that it’s time for an upgrade or want to change the look of a room.

It doesn’t matter why homeowners want to replace their faucets, or even where in the home they’re located. Working with a plumber that offers Faucet Replacement Services is always the best way to get the job done.

Reasons to Replace Faucets

There’s no wrong reason to have a faucet replaced. That said, some people are afraid to take the plunge and call a plumber until it’s truly necessary. Here are a few of the most common reasons to replace faucets:

The Faucet Is Leaking

Sometimes, leaky faucets can be fixed. If the leak is caused by a worn gasket, for example, a plumber can take the faucet apart and put in a new one. In many cases, though, it’s more cost-effective to simply have the old, leaky faucet replaced.

The Faucet Is Old

Faucets that are more than 10 years old are far more likely to develop repeated problems. Frequently scheduling faucet repairs can create an unnecessary hassle and leave homeowners with mounting bills. Having an older faucet replaced when it starts developing problems is a better solution.

The Handles Won’t Turn Easily

Older faucets can also wind up getting stuck in the on or off position. If it’s getting difficult to turn the handles, that’s also a sure sign it’s time to replace the faucet.

Accommodating Design Changes

Sometimes, changing other elements in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or garage can leave homeowners with faucets that no longer fit. If the current one is too large, switching to a smaller faucet will make completing the renovations easier.

Accommodating Changing Needs

Sometimes, redesigns serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. If someone in the family develops a mobility issue, for example, it may be necessary to change out both the sink and its faucets.

Meeting Design Goals

It’s also perfectly fine to have a faucet replaced just because it doesn’t fit a homeowner’s overarching design goals. Having a bathroom or kitchen faucet replaced is a simple and affordable way to change the look of the room.

Why Faucets Fail

Faucets can fail for a number of reasons but the most common underlying problem is the buildup of sediment from hard water. As hard water passes through the faucet, that buildup can cause valves to deteriorate and start to leak or even damage the metal fixtures themselves.

Cheap faucets can also fail for other reasons. If a faucet isn’t well-designed or it’s made from cheap materials, it won’t be very durable and could wind up getting stuck in the on or off position or even experiencing visible damage to its exterior. The tendency of cheaper faucets to fail prematurely is a compelling reason to upgrade to a more effective and trustworthy type of fixture.

Reasons to Call a Plumber

Because faucets are small fixtures, some homeowners assume that they’ll be able to handle replacing them without any professional help. It’s important to remember that faucets may be small, but they’re still tied into the rest of the home’s plumbing system.

Homeowners who don’t know just what they’re doing can wind up damaging pipes or even causing major water damage. Professional plumbers can change out faucets in next to no time without risking damage to the rest of the home’s plumbing system.

Types of Faucets to Choose From

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing new types of faucets. However, some options are better than others for each particular situation. When in doubt, homeowners should ask their plumbers for expert advice. Depending on where the sink is located and how it’s used, a plumber may recommend:

  • Center-set kitchen or bathroom faucets
  • Pull-out spray faucets for kitchens
  • Bridge bathroom faucets
  • Single-handle kitchen or bathroom faucets
  • Spread-fit faucets

Some homeowners also want to go the extra mile and install handy features. When plumbers replace faucets, they can also install pot-fillers and hot water dispensers. These two luxury features can make a big difference in the kitchen.

Repairs Colorado Residents Can Trust

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