Tankless Water Heater Replacement Services in Englewood, CO

Tankless water heaters have a lot to offer to modern families. They’re more efficient than traditional models, take up less space, and last longer with adequate maintenance and occasional repairs. Unfortunately, though, even the best-designed piece of equipment can’t last forever and there will eventually come a day when the family’s tankless water heater needs to be replaced.

How to Tell It’s Time to Replace a Tankless Water Heater

Because tankless water heaters tend to be more expensive than their traditional counterparts, homeowners typically want to keep them running as long as possible. While it’s perfectly fine to want to repair an existing water heater instead of purchasing a new one, scheduling seemingly constant repair visits can wind up costing homeowners more money in the long run. It generally makes more sense to schedule a Tankless Water Heater Replacement in any of these scenarios:

The Tankless Water Heater Is Old

Tankless water heaters can last for decades with proper maintenance, but they still tend to lose efficiency over time and older units are more prone to breakdowns. If the unit is more than 20 years old, it’s time to think about having it replaced. Installing a new tankless water heater now means not having to pay for increasingly frequent repairs until the old unit finally breaks down completely.

Insufficient Heat

In most cases, insufficiently heated water or fluctuations between cold and hot that can’t be controlled are both signs of electrical problems. Some electrical issues, such as thermostat problems, are simple and affordable to repair, but major electrical damage is not. Take it as a sign it’s time to schedule a Tankless Water Heater service call, then ask the technician for a professional opinion about the scope of the damage to make a more informed decision.

Seemingly Constant Minor Breakdowns

It’s easy for most homeowners to justify minor repairs even to aging units, but keep in mind that the costs of constant requests for Plumbing Services add up. The general rule of thumb is that it’s better to have an appliance replaced if the cost of any individual repair exceeds half the price of a new unit. However, it may also be more cost-efficient to replace a unit that is experiencing minor but frequent problems.

Inability to Supply Sufficient Water

Sometimes even a perfectly functional tankless water heater will need to be replaced. Examples of this could include new members being added to the family, home additions that need to be plumbed in and hooked into the hot water system, and more frequent visits from out-of-town guests. In these cases, a small tankless water heater may not be able to keep up with demand, and the only solution is to have it replaced with a larger unit.

What to Expect During the Replacement

Already know it’s time to replace an aging tankless water heater and just want to know what to expect? Homeowners who work with reliable, professional plumbers have nothing to worry about. All they have to do is call to schedule an appointment and let the professionals handle the rest.

When the team arrives on the job site, the first thing they’ll do is turn off the water and, if applicable, gas in order to safely remove the old water heater. The old unit will be hauled off and disposed of responsibly, so there’s no need to worry about making an extra trip to the transfer station. Once the old unit is gone, it will be easy for expert plumbers to add the new one and the whole process can generally be completed in an afternoon.

There are a few factors that could complicate the process. If the new tankless water heater is significantly larger than the old one, it may need to be moved which could also require adding extra plumbing, gas lines, or electrical lines. This is a worst-case scenario, though, and it rarely comes up because tankless water heaters are generally quite compact, no matter how much hot water they supply.

Once the job is finished, the plumbers will take the time to test the new water heater and make sure everything works as intended. They will then clean up all of their tools and any mess that was made during the installation process, leaving homeowners and their families to enjoy their new tankless water heaters.

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