Water Line Repair Services in Englewood, CO

About a century ago, running water was nearly unheard of in most homes. Only society’s elite could afford it. Even then, there had to be a source to draw water from to get it into homes. These days, we’re fortunate enough to have widespread access to running water. Each home has a main line coming in to deliver fresh water. From there, the plumbing line divide into smaller branches to distribute water to different rooms of the home. That gives all of us the chance to enjoy all the convenience and other benefits of having a constant supply of fresh, clean water.

Contending with Water Line Problems

For homes in Englewood and the surrounding areas, those main water lines coming into homes are our connections to wells or the local water supply. Without them, other components of the plumbing system would essentially be useless. Sometimes, though, water lines develop problems. When they do, those problems can affect the entire plumbing system. As a result, local homeowners need fast, reliable water line repair services to get their plumbing systems back up and running.

Englewood’s Foremost Water Line Specialists

Cronen Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is Englewood’s leading water line repair company. We offer an extensive list of Plumbing Services to help keep your home running smoothly and your water and sewer system flowing freely. We’re a family-owned company that’s dedicated to ensuring your home meets your needs and expectations. Without a fully functional plumbing system, you could experience numerous hassles, but we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Contact us, and let us take care of your water line worries.

How Do Residents Know if a Main Water Line Isn’t Working Right?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to face water line issues. In some cases, they stem from various branches of the main line after it enters their homes. In those situations, you may experience problems in only one or two rooms, such as the kitchen or a bathroom. Other times, the main line itself is the problem. Keep an eye out for the following signs that your main line may be damaged.

  • Reduced Water Pressure. Most homeowners become accustomed to the normal amount of water pressure in their homes. It affects the flow of water from the sink faucets and shower. When there’s a drop in water pressure, it’s easily noticeable. If you find your water pressure isn’t as strong as it should be, your main water line could be damaged. If the damage is severe, you may not have any water coming into your home.
  • Interior Water Damage. Leaks are common issues with main lines or their smaller offshoots. If there’s a leak in those water lines inside your home, they could cause extensive interior damage. You may begin to see dark spots on your ceiling from water lines supplying the upstairs. You may also notice soft spots in your floors or discoloration and bubbling on your walls. Those are all signs that you need water line repairs.
  • Unexplained Puddles. If you see puddles or soft spots in your yard even though it hasn’t rained in a while, those could also be indications of a broken water main or sewer line. When underground pipes fail, the water running through them spills out into the ground rather than being directed elsewhere.
  • Odors and Discoloration. Broken underground water mains, and those with loose fittings or built-up corrosion, could allow contamination to enter your incoming water supply. This could come in the form of mud, rust, and other issues. In turn, that contamination will cause your water to have a reddish or brownish tint or an unpleasant odor. If you experience this problem, don’t hesitate to call us for help.
  • High Water Bills. Another indication that you have a damaged water main is high water usage. Leaks in the water lines allow water to flow out when it shouldn’t. Though you aren’t actually using that excess water, it’ll certainly be reflected in your water bills.

Those are some of the warning signs of a damaged water main that you need to watch for. Damage can come from many sources, including corrosion, shifting soil, tree roots, and constant use. Having unusually high water pressure can cause problems as well. Anytime your home’s water supply doesn’t seem to be acting right, we’ll come out and reverse the situation.

Keeping Your Incoming Water Lines in Optimal Shape

Cronen is the area’s go-to team for plumbing and water line installation and repairs. We have extensive training and experience in all types of water line and plumbing system problems. We also have state-of-the-art tools to help us locate and resolve water line damage. Feel free to call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule an appointment. We’ll get the water in your home flowing properly again.