Water Heater Replacement Services in Englewood, CO

For many years, people have enjoyed the benefits of having hot water at their fingertips. By simply turning the faucet, hot water is available for washing, cleaning, cooking, and a variety of other tasks. This convenience is all thanks to a properly functioning water heater in the home. However, to maintain that hot water supply, proper care of the water heater is necessary.

What a Water Heater Does

Basically, a water heater just heats the water in the home. However, the process for doing such can be a bit different depending on the type of water heater. In most homes, a tank water heater is used. With proper water heater service, these units can last eight to twelve years.

A water heater is usually a large tank that is attached to the water line. The large tank is filled with water, and that water is heated. The water in the tank is kept at a specified temperature until it is needed. As the temperature drops in the tank or cold water enters, the unit is heated again to keep the water at a constant temperature.

Signs of a Water Heater Issue

It is important that all homeowners understand the signs of a problem with their water heater. Even a small problem could become worse if it is not addressed right away. This could leave household members without the hot water they need to perform their daily functions.

  • Discolored water. If the water coming out of the tap is discolored or gritty, the anode rod may be corroded. It is important that this is replaced soon or the entire tank could begin to corrode.
  • Pops or bangs from the unit. This is a sign of sediment building up in the tank. The minerals that make up the sediment absorb the heat more quickly and will pop and crackle. This causes the unit to work harder to heat the water. Flushing the unit removes the sediment and prolongs the life of the unit.
  • Hot water runs out too fast. If the household size or hot water usage has not changed recently, then this could be a sign of a problem with the unit. It may have become damaged or too worn to continue to heat the water as it used to. It may be time to replace the system
  • Water is not hot enough. This could simply be a problem with the temperature setting on the unit. However, if the temperature is raised and the water is still not warm enough, it may be an issue with the dip tube or the heating element. Contacting a professional may be the best option.
  • Water leaks. It is possible that the water may simply be leaking from the line to the tank or even the pressure valve on the tank. However, if the water is leaking from the tank, it means the water heater has rusted through the tank walls. Water heater replacement will be necessary.

Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Identifying problems with the water heater is only half the battle when trying to keep the hot water flowing in the house. It is also important that the unit get the right repairs in a timely manner. Most companies that offer Plumbing Services can provide the needed care a water heater needs.

In many cases, the best repair is prevention. Preventing a problem from occurring will help homeowners keep costs low. Regular water heater maintenance will ensure that the unit is in good working order and may even help to identify potential problems early.

During a maintenance visit, the technician will clean the unit and inspect it for any problems. The technician will also flush the tank to remove any sediment that has accumulated. During the visit, all connections to the unit will be checked and secured as necessary. The efficiency of the unit will also be checked to ensure it is providing hot water without increasing the energy costs.

Water Heater Installation

At some point, every water heater will need to be replaced. Whether it is due to normal wear and tear or because of improper care that shortened its lifespan, a water heater should be replaced when it is no longer providing hot water in a safe and efficient manner.

Fortunately, there are services that provide replacement options for a home’s water heater. Not only do these companies offer reliable and energy-efficient units, but they also offer professional installation so homeowners can be sure their unit will work as it should.

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