Water Line Replacement Services in Englewood, CO

When water stops flowing in a home, it can lead to more than just discomfort. Water is a vital home resource for cooking, cleaning, and comfort. Without water, people could not bathe, wash clothing, wash dishes, or provide water to appliances that require them.

When water flows incorrectly, it can lead to significant problems. The damage water can do to a home can be extreme. Hiring certified Plumbing Services can help reduce the damage to the house and fix the issue quickly. A plumbing technician will provide an estimate after they diagnose the problem. The plumbing experts will also present homeowners with a list of the best solution available.

Spotting a Plumbing Issue

Without a leak detection system installed in the home, it falls upon homeowners to spot leaks or symptoms of a water pipe problem. Water line failure can occur unexpectedly or over longer periods. When the issue occurs slowly, it can cause significant damage to the surrounding area with constant moisture. This excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth, posing potential health hazards to homeowners.

The most common symptom of a water line problem will be excess moisture in areas. The moisture build-up is due to water dripping constantly and collecting in one spot. Not only can this excess moisture cause mold and mildew growth risks, but it also poses the risk of significant damage to the home. Wood soaks up water quickly, causing it to lose its strength. The repair costs for replacing floors can be expensive. Preventing this type of water damage is vital for homeowners to save money.

A significant lack of current from faucets and outlets signals something is wrong with the water lines in a home. Older metal pipes get residue build-up over time, typically because of the chemicals used to keep the water clean and potable. Calcium deposits will pose a significant risk to a water pipe. As the water flows through the water pipes, calcium builds up along the walls blocking water from flowing correctly. Calcium can also cause corrosion in unprotected piping.

Different Types of Replacement Piping

Plumbing can consist of different materials, with copper and galvanized steel being the two most common for longevity. When hiring Water Line Replacement Services, the technician will go over which type of plumbing the home has and which material is best suited to replace it. Each material has its pros and cons, however. The following are the various types of water pipe material and their benefits.

  • Galvanized Steel. One of the most common types of water pipe found in older homes. Galvanized steel is steel coated in zinc to prevent corrosion. This protection will not last forever, unfortunately. This zinc coating will wear off eventually, exposing the metal underneath to corrosion risk.
  • Copper. Copper, on the other hand, is naturally resistant to corrosion and has been used for water pipes since the early 1930s. Copper is highly durable. Some older homes still have fully functional water pipes in them due to this. Copper is also easy to fix when leaks occur.
  • CPVC. A modern material used for water pipes is CPVC. PVC piping consists of rigid plastic with fittings that adhere using glue to make assembly quick and easy. This type of piping is common in modern homes. CPVC can also be easily damaged compared to metal pipes.
  • PEX. Another modern material used in homes, PEX is made with cross-linked polyethylene. Copper piping is soldered at the joints, while PEX pipes will be connected using compression fittings and specialized clamping machinery.

Depending on the homeowner’s preferences, certified plumbing services will be capable of working with any of these materials to achieve the desired outcome. Some cities and states prohibit the use of certain materials for use as water pipes. Most certified plumbers will know which materials can work when offering services to homeowners. Never attempt to make plumbing repairs without the proper tools, knowledge, experience, and materials to use. Hiring a professional plumbing service will be the safer route to avoid personal injury and damage to the house’s water lines.

Keep the Water Flowing

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